What do I need to bring to my fitting?

If you are having a long dress fitting or trouser fitting you need to bring your shoes, or a similar heel height shoe to the ones you intend to wear.
Also bring any magic underwear you'd like to wear under your dress/outfit.

How long will my alteration take?

An alteration can take between one and two weeks but I will give priority to fast approaching events. Some times people leave their alterations until the last minute and when this happens I will try my best to squeeze you in.
During busy periods times are negotiated.

Where can I park?

Parking is free opposite 18 Bartlett Street for up to an hour without a permit. Please observe the parking restriction signs. There is also parking at the train station a couple of minutes walk away. 

How much will my alteration cost?

I have tried to put together a comprehensive list of alterations on the pricing page of this site. Please refer to this. However if your alteration is not listed I can try and quote a price on our initial meeting. This will be an estimate only.

How long will my fitting take?

When you book your fitting you will be given a 30 minute slot. Most alterations do not need this amount of time. 15 minutes will be ample. Wedding dress fittings do usually take longer due to the amount of layers that will need to be pinned and the time taken getting in and out of the dress. Multiple fitting (eg. bridesmaids) will sometimes require a double slot booking. I will advise on this when the booking is made. 

Do I need to wear a mask? Are you open during lockdown?

Yes, you must wear a mask for your fitting. I will not be open during lockdown times for fittings, although I can accept items on the doorstep. Please call me to confirm. 

Will my visit be Covid safe?

  • I will endeavor to make your visit as safe as possible. Fittings are allocated a time slot at booking. There will be no other customers here when you attend you appointment. 
  • I will wear a mask and expect my customers to do the same.
  • I will wipe down touch points (door handles, surfaces etc.) before your visit.
  • I keep a list of my customers names and contact details for 2 weeks, so you can be contacted quickly should I hear about a positive test from someone who has visited. or should I test positive.
  • My workroom will be aired between customers.
  • I have twice weekly lateral flow tests.
  • If a customer feels unwell before their visit  will cancel their appointment and reschedule when they are feeling better. At least 2 weeks.   

Am I able to use toilet facilities

Yes, We have a toilet right next door to the fitting room you are welcome to use.